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Special Sardinia


1. Meeting in Cala Gonone by 18.00.  Aperitif and briefing with the Mountain Guide at 19.00. Dinner. Overnight.

Meeting at 6.15 at the port of Cala Gonone. Checking backpacks.
7.00 departure from Cala Gonone with taxi service to
the plateau of Golgo.

Cala Goloritzè-Portu Mudaloru.

Technical stage: rope descent (18 metres), climbing.
Arrival at Portu Mudaloru in the late afternoon.
Recovery materials from the motorboat, dinner and bivouac.

3. Portu Mudaloru - Cala Biriola (Biriala).

Delivery of supplies to the speedboat.
Technical stage: rope descent (17 metres), climbing.

Arrival in Cala Biriola (Biriala)  in the late afternoon.
Recovery materials from the motorboat, dinner and bivouac.

4. Cala Biriola (Biriala)- Irove Longu.
Delivery of supplies to the speedboat.
Technical stage: rope descent (30 metres + 18 metres),
climbing, caving in the cave.
Arrival in Cala Sisine in the early afternoon.
Material recovery from the motorboat,
Transfer to Irove Longu disl. about 300 m.
Dinner and bivouac.

5. Irove Longu - Cala Luna - Buchi Arta
Hiking stage.
Arrival in Buchi Arta for dinner.
Typical dinner in the fold, overnight.

N.B.: Dinner and overnight  (Cuiles Buchi Arta)
are not included in the cost (50,00 €)

6. Buchi Arta - Cala Fuili - Cala Gonone
Technical stage: Codula Fuili canyon
rope descent (max 16 metres)
Arrival in Cala Fuili and transfer to Cala Gonone.
Toast of the end of adventure.

Services and welcome

Transport of participants by sea.
Replenishment and recovery of tents and garbage in the morning.
Recovery of participants in Cala Fuili and return to Cala Gonone.

N.B.: For those travelling by plane, you can book a transfer service to and from the airport.

The overnight stay and the dinners of the first and last day in Cala Gonone are possible at affiliated facilities (will be communicated at the time of booking) but are not bound and remain at the free choice of participants.


min. 4 - max. 8 people/: 850 € per person

The fee includes
Mountain Guide and his expenses, insurance RC, ACCIDENT INSURANCE, welcome drink, tents and provisions (food and water) during the trek and their transport, transport participants to and from Cala Gonone by speedboat, garbage recovery and equipment in the morning, collective mountaineering equipment (rope, carabiners, etc.) and individual mountaineering equipment (helmet, harness, longlines and carabiner, on request).

N.B.: the accident insurance is an extra service of GUIDE ALPINE ALTO GARDA E VALLESABBIA!

Does not include
Transfer to and from Sardinia, any private transfers on land, overnight and dinners in the hotel and / or restaurant, overnight stay and dinner in the sheepfold,optional insurance, and everything that is not specified in the previous item.


Backpack at least 35 lt. - Sleeping bag of light weight (0/+5 ķC). inflatable mattress or polyurethane. Harness, a ring-shaped carabiner, a 2-metre-long cord min. 7 mm in diameter or "double shoulder" webbing - Headlamp, hiking shoes (not mountaineering boots!), slippers or sandals, synthetic T-shirts (technical material), socks and underpants, swimsuits, towel and/or terry cloth, suitable (durable) long trousers and short trousers. sweatshirt,  windbreaker, canvas cap, cream and sunglasses. Insect repellent. Toiletry equipment. Small personal emergency room.
N. B. : NO canteen!

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